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Into The Scape - group exhibition

Into The Scape - group exhibition


19 januari 2018 - 28 februari 2018


The group exhibition Into The Scape uses nature and urban landscape photography as a metaphor to bring together coexisting ideas and reflections that are presented from a different perspective to the photographer and to the viewer. It is not strictly about the physicality of the natural or urban landscape but rather about how it is shaped and revealed.

The work of each participating artist is diverse in technique, style, method and process, yet they share a similar approach and understanding of that which is ‘beyond the visual’, that a photograph can and should say something more than merely the photographic process itself. Putting emphasis on the difference between a photograph that objectively documents something as opposed to a photograph that subjectively portrays how something is perceived by the photographer, interpreting the landscape rather than illustrating it. Being situated in the natural or urban landscape and representing the landscape is to simultaneously inhabit two worlds, the one ahead of us and the one inside of us.

While each artist is given the freedom to give their own interpretation to the subject, the combined works as a whole will form a versatile and multifaceted collection of impressions of urban and natural environments, portraying an estranged sense of unreality of the everyday world.

Participating artists:

-Henri Blommers

-Chris Halman

-Dirk Kome

-Eva Kreuger

-Margaret Lansink

-Maarten van Schaik

-Jan Schilthuizen


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Cloud Gallery Amsterdam


Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam


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