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Finissage Luke Brown Spectraleyes Exhibition

Finissage Luke Brown Spectraleyes Exhibition

12 oktober 2018, 18:00 - 22:00 uur


This is it... Your last chance to see the exhibition and to meet the artist...
12th October is the date!
This is a free event

The portal to a higher dimension is open at Manifacto Gallery this Summer and the art of Luke Brown Spectraleyes will be our guiding force! A well-known artist in the visionary art world, we feel blessed to have him show his work in our gallery.

Speaking directly to the heart and soul... He draws inspiration from deep meditative states, sacred geometry and entheogen experiences.

His creative expression taps into something bigger than ourselves, it activates the mind and stimulates the creative spirit within us. The embodiment of mystical experiences by means of the colourful symmetries in his work are timeless and magical taking the viewer through an alternative dimension; a dimension beyond time and space, contributing to the expansion of the collective consciousness.

Painting in oils and acrylics, making sculptures, jewellery and he also creates digital paintings – mixing, remixing and utilizing technologies in his explorations of the inner mind. He has exhibited worldwide and alongside Alex Grey, HR Giger, Ernst Fuchs and Robert Venosa. He is a teacher at the Visionary art Academy in Vienna sharing his knowledge and skills with the next generation of visionary artists. And if you go to psychedelic gatherings around the world then you probably came across himself and his art too.

Let yourself be immersed in the visual aesthetics of psychedelia via the paintings of Luke Brown.

The exhibition will run from the 12th August to the 12th October.
The finissage for this exhibition will be on the 12th October from 18:00.
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