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October Country II - multimedia performances

October Country II - multimedia performances

10 november 2018, 20:00 - 23:00 uur


Saturday, November 10, 20:00

With Han Buhrs, Alan Purves, Raoul van der Weide, Hank Botwinik, Dirk Bruinsma, Jimmy Serensky, The Taciturn Receiver

Darkness Visible

The Guildry of the Deadly Percheron performs Taking the Fall This Time
New Lost Songs for Old Found Clothes by John Fahey
Han Buhrs, Alan Purves, Raoul van der Weide, Hank Botwinik, Dirk Bruinsma and Jimmy Serensky offer a song cycle which animates texts by American musician John Fahey which reveal a child’s private world of bizarre and transgressive fantasy. Fahey’s nightmare imagery conjures an abandoned metaphysical amusement park with a rickety ride through a maniacal fun house.

The Taciturn Receiver performs Outliner
The Taciturn Receiver is known by its unique blend of laser scenography, radio style voice overs, live foley sound and soundscapes with mute figurants caught in this web of interacting elements. In this short piece the group tunes in voices from the beyond in the aftermath of catastrophe which has left a confusion of bodies who suffer an array of altered states.

The Shadow Seminary School for the Convergence of the Outer Bodies performs Suspiria De Profundis (Deep Breath)
Though channeling De Quincey and an iconic horror film, this work is part of a series exploring the previous life of the Kunstkapel as a seminary rehearsal space. The result of this deep breathing is an eerie meta-dance piece where somnambulist ballet maneuvers are menaced by shadowy improvisers in tandem with an onslaught of unearthly light and sound altering the perception of the space.


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