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Photo exhibition: Sanny Views Amsterdam, an artistic view on the city


Photo exhibition: Sanny Views Amsterdam, an artistic view on the city

1 oktober 2019 - 31 oktober 2019


Awarded Storytelling Photographer Sanny Views shows 38 colorful pictures of Amsterdam through her eyes. The location is the iconic hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand, the former city hall of Amsterdam. All pictures are for sale.

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Sofitel Legend The Grand


Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, Amsterdam


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Photographer Sandra Irene Veenstra debuted in 2018 with colorful pictures. Now she is back, showing more awarded and new work, in which some famous icons of Amsterdam are represented. E.g.: Little Darling, Anne Frank, Rembrandt, the I Amsterdam letters, and so on.

Sandra used to work as a pedagogue/educationalist, for 20 years she was working on individual cases. She saw a lot of wrongdoing against children. Therefore she decided to become a child right advocate (unpaid). That part of life Is dark. In order to stay powerful and healthy she felt she also had to focus on the bright side of life. This is how Sanny Views, The Storytelling Photographer was born.

Would you like to meet Sandra at the exhibition? Send her a message at or ask the concierge, she might be in in.