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Zoo of the Future

Zoo of the Future


15 maart 2020 - 5 april 2020


From 15 March to 12 April 2020, Zone2Source is presenting the Zoo of the Future project in collaboration with ZOOOF. The Glass House is being converted into a fictional zoo facility, with a large zoo model in it. By looking at human-animal relationships from a number of different perspectives, designers develop new proposals for the zoo of the future.

For the first time the ZOOF maquette is being shown which forms the heart of a spatial installation, a fictive animal enclosure. A ‘future without zoo’and a ‘zoo without animals”can coexist alongside an ‘interplanetary zoo” and “the city as zoo”. The sometimes provocative proposals evoke tot think about the changing meaning of cohabitation with animals in the city.

Besides the maquette a selection of video and drawings are shown, such as Progress vs Sunsets of Melanie Bonajo and live stream images of the maquette. Visitors are being asked to write a letter to zoo animals. The letters will be collected shown as a growing work. The exhibition also includes the video work Progress vs Sunsets by Melanie Bonajo and live-stream images from the model. Visitors can think along about the zoo of the future and write a letter to a zoo animal. There is a program with expert meetings, a public closing debate on 5 April and workshops for children on Wednesday 25 March and 1 April.




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Naam locatie

Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark


Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 1, Amsterdam


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Program (subject to change)

– all weekends open to the public from 15 March to Sunday 5 April
– various meetings with students and experts on weekdays (closed)
– Zoo staff day (closed)
– children’s workshops on Wednesdays March 25 and April 1. Program follows
– final debate on Sunday 5 April from 2 to 5 p.m. with Dirk Sijmons, Barbara Visser, Haig Balian, Rivke Jaffe and Eva Meijer.

To register for workshops and if you are interested in visiting the exhibition with a group (students, colleagues, specialists) for a substantive meeting, please contact