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Performance: THE RED BOX


Performance: THE RED BOX

10 september 2021 - 18 september 2021


THE RED BOX is a play about the visibility and empowerment of prostitutes in history who, over time, have overcome the barriers of discrimination, submission and slavery to make a real claim for their space and rights in the society. 4 actresses, 4 characters, 4 origins and 4 different eras, in a retrospective that starts at the beginning of the 19th century and ends in the 5th century BC. The connection between the environment of these historical figures and the current scenario may seem casual, but it tries to provoke a reflection in the public.
The play began as a theatrical monologue and premiered in February 2020, with the idea of reflecting the empowerment of many women engaged in prostitution, beyond the stigma or exclusion of a global society that persists over time... without thinking about who they really are.


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Juan C. Tajes Art-Studio & Microteatro


Warmoesstraat 109 Warmoesstraat Amsterdam, Amsterdam


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Language: English
Duration: 70 minutes.
Show suitable only for people over 18 years old.
The use of mobile phones or taking photos or videos is NOT allowed during the show.
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